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What’s happening in
the Judith Basin??
Join us in celebrating cancer survivors,
honoring all those touched by cancer
and putting a smile
on the face of a
devastating disease
while supporting Relay
For Life and Hospice
of Central Montana.

Hobson History Book

"Welcome to Hobson
Pride of the Judith"
Hobson History Book,
published in 2002, will be available at the reunion.

Gathering Expenses
Marily Derks, Treasurer
406/ 423-5476, mardon@ttc-cmc.net
Mailing Address:  Hobson Centennial, PO Box 303, Hobson, MT 59452

Thanks to the many donations that we have received, we are proud to offer all the events of the Celebration at a very low price.  A complete list of donors will be in your registration packet at the reunion;  be sure to thank them - and thank YOU if you've already sent your donation in!

Any funds remaining at the end of the event will be distributed to worthwhile community groups and put into an account to save for future community celebrations.

Items such as t-shirts, golf tournament and cookbook will be charged for to cover their cost. There are some reunion items however that will need to be covered by general funding - mailing/printing fees, fireworks, tents, seating, port-a-potties, dumpsters, etc. We foresee a family registration fee to help cover this, but donations now will help us to keep that fee down.

Donations - please make checks payable to Hobson Centennial.