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What’s happening in
the Judith Basin??
Join us in celebrating cancer survivors,
honoring all those touched by cancer
and putting a smile
on the face of a
devastating disease
while supporting Relay
For Life and Hospice
of Central Montana.

Hobson History Book

"Welcome to Hobson
Pride of the Judith"
Hobson History Book,
published in 2002, will be available at the reunion.

A grand celebration 100 years in the making!!

When the Billings and Northern railroad was built through the Basin in 1907, the company found the present site of Hobson along the Judith River convenient for a town. S.S. Hobson, a public-spirited citizen, pioneer and successful rancher, purchased the land for the town site.

Hobson quickly sprang to life. A saloon was opened by Mike Nelson, a store by George Jay and a hardware store by Ed Graeber and W.R. “Bill” Cowan who also sold “made-to-measure” suits for men. Tom Murray, using cement blocks that he manufactured, erected the Murray Building which housed the first bank as well as a dentist and lawyer offices upstairs and a large room for concerts. This building still stands and has served many needs through the years, including being utilized as the school gymnasium. It currently houses the Black Bull Company Saloon and Steakhouse. The Power Mercantile, Basin Lumber Company and other businesses formed to serve the growing population of the area. The Pleasant Valley School west of town was over-crowded and demand called for the new school building which was moved into in 1910.

Agriculture was and remains the heart of the community. As the young town grew, W.J. Davidson of Minneapolis heard of the town and its grain fields, some of which were purported to yield 50 bushels to the acre. He scouted the area, liked what he saw and interested several local farmers in investing in “Hobson Farmers Mill and Elevator Company.” A contest was held to choose a name for the exceptionally fine quality of flour that was milled and marketed from the Basin’s hard durum wheat — Pride of the Judith.

Although businesses and families have come and gone, and the number of both in Hobson is less than it once was, the pride in Hobson is no less evident. Join us in celebrating our heritage this Fourth of July!