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What’s happening in
the Judith Basin??
Join us in celebrating cancer survivors,
honoring all those touched by cancer
and putting a smile
on the face of a
devastating disease
while supporting Relay
For Life and Hospice
of Central Montana.

Hobson History Book

"Welcome to Hobson
Pride of the Judith"
Hobson History Book,
published in 2002, will be available at the reunion.

A grand celebration indeed!


Thanks to all that attended and all that worked so hard
to make the weekend a huge success!

Memorabilia Still Available!

Share photos from the Celebration

Hobsonite Directory
Gerri (Parker) Campbell
187 W Frontage Rd • Lewistown, MT 59457
406/ 538-7988 • gerri@ballyhooprinting.com

Directory - Deadline for entries is extended to July 28 - so send yours in if you haven't. Thiswill be a fun book to let us know where everybody’s at and what they’ve been up to. Books are $10 (this includes shipping) and may be ordered by sending payment and address to Hobson Centennial • PO Box 303 • Hobson, MT 59452.

Your information for the directory may be e-mailed or snail mailed to Gerri. Include name (and maiden name), graduation year and/or years lived in Hobson, address, phone, e-mail, and up-date including spouse, children, grandchildren, what you’ve been up to — schooling, career, places lived, traveling, accomplishments, where life has taken you — whatever you want to share! We reserve the right to edit for space (help us out here, about 200 words max would be great).

Please view our schedule below

It takes many dedicated folks to make an event like this a success.

The planning and preparation is coming along very well.  We hope you have made plans to join us for the grand Celebration!

You will find here a listing of all events that are planned.  We ask that you pre-register so we can plan accordingly.  This is a big gathering that is challenging to plan for - food, chairs, tables, etc.

The highlight of the Centennial Celebration will be the Grand Opening of the Hobson Museum - what could be more appropriate?  We are proud that our main hub of activities will be a Big Tent at the museum/library complex, providing shelter (from the sun - it's NOT going to rain!) and a central gathering point for people to enjoy.  The work that's been put into making this area a beautiful addition to Hobson is amazing.

We hope we have answered all your questions.  If you come up with more, please feel free to contact us, make a note on your registration form or contact the committee chair.  We all look forward to seeing you over the Fourth of July weekend!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hobson Centennial and All School Reunion Schedule
July 3, 4, 5, 6, 2008

Thursday, July 3
3:00 - 7:00 pm Registration/Information Center open
Memorabilia available
Open Time for Classes to meet
Time for tour of museum, school, etc.
3:00 - 6:30 pm Art Show, School MPR
6:30 pm Shakespeare in the Parks - Hobson Football Field
7:00 pm Alumni Basketball Tournament "Draft," Elk Ridge
Friday, July 4
7:00 - 10:00 am Breakfast by the Masons
Serving pancakes, sausage, eggs, juice and coffee
Pay at the door.
9:00 am Registration/Information Center open
Memorabilia available
9:00 am - 5:00 pm Art Show, School MPR
10:00 am - 3:00 pm Craft Show
11:00 am Parade
  Museum Ribbon Cutting, following parade
11:30 am - 2:30 pm BBQ Lunch by the Utica Rod & Gun Club
Utica Women's Club
$8 - adults, $5 - 8 & under
Pre-registration appreciated, pay-at-the door available.
1:00 pm Alumni Basketball Tournament
1:00 - 5:00 pm Pasture Golf
Swimming, Open time
Class pictures
Food Vendors
3:00 pm HHS Classes of 1986 - 1989 gathering at Ackley
3:30 pm HHS Class of 1973 gathering in the school MPR
5:00 - 7:30 pm Reunion Dinner
Roast Pork and Beef BBQ
cooked by Bernard and Martie Taylor
$10 -adults; $6 - children 8 & under
9:00 pm Street Dance - Music by the Bent Willows
11:00 pm Fireworks
Saturday, July 5  
7:00 - 10:00 am Breakfast by the Masons
Serving pancakes, sausage, eggs, juice and coffee
Pay at the door.
8:30 am Mass at Sacred Heart Church
9:00 am Registration/Information Center open
Memorabilia available
Food Vendors
9:00 am - 5:00 pm Art Show, School MPR
9:30 am Fun Run/Walk
10:00 am Golf Tournament, Judith Shadows, Lewistown
11:00 am Soap Box Derby
5:00 pm Variety Show, Fashion Show
7:00 pm Boots, Brews & BBQ - Museum event
Sunday, July 6  
9:00 am Celebration Sunday Ecumenical Worship Service, Wrap-up and Farewell

For more information please contact:

Valerie (Stevenson) Carr
406/ 423-5700

Gerri (Parker) Campbell
406/ 538-7988

To receive e-mail alerts and up-dates via e-mail send a message to:

Registration & General Questions
Suzanne (Swanz) Aune
406/ 423-5200 • hobsoncentennial@yahoo.com

Registration and information packets were sent out on April 25. Registrations are now being accepted ($35 after May 20).  Visit the registration page for more info . . .

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Bill & Sandy (Joslin) Hesselbart
406/ 423-5369 • bs4cent@yahoo.com

We are pleased to offer a great assortment of memorabilia for the Centennial Celebration.  T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, crewneck sweatshirts, ladies t-shirts, sport/polo shirts, baseball caps, tote bags, magnets, pins, coffee mugs, PHEW!  Certainly something for everyone!

Collectible Hobson Centennial Plates
Roger and Nancy (Cecrle) Epkes • 406/ 423-5232

Roger and Nancy (Cecrle, HHS 1979) Epkes from Nancy’s Country Market, a.k.a. Hobson Cash Store, would like to commemorate Hobson’s 100th Anniversary with a unique, limited edition Centennial Plate.

For more information - please view the Memorabilia page.

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Liesl Holtz and Judy Mikkelsen
406/ 423-5700 • hobsoncookbook@yahoo.com
PO Box 220 • Hobson, MT 59452

Remember Aunt Ruth’s famous sweet rolls? How about the jello salad that Grandma Elsie brought to every family event? The sour cream raisin pie that always was the hit of the pie auction? The tomato salad at the Harvest Dinner? What is Jean’s secret to perfect gravy?

Few things bring back memories of times, places and events like food. The Hobson community has had more than their fair share of great cooks! From our grandmothers who made amazing meals three times a day on basic staples to quick and easy recipes that keep us on track every day. We cannot begin to imagine how many potluck events have taken place over the last 100 years in our community!!
The Hobson Centennial Cookbook will be a history/scrapbook of sorts . . . in food!

Deadline for receiving Cookbook entries is May 15.  The Cookbooks will be available at the Reunion.

More info and application.

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Shakespeare in the Parks
Linda Deegan • lhdeegan@yahoo.com406/423-5347
Hobson Football Field • 6:30 pm

What a wonderful kick-off to a great weekend. Grab your lawn chair, blanket or find a seat on the bleachers at the new football field for a thoroughly entertaining performance of All's Well That Ends Well.  Thanks to the Hobson-Utica Fine Arts Council, Shakespeare in the Parks is a 31 year Hobson-Utica tradition.  We are thrilled to offer this performance to all, free of charge, in conjunciton with the celebration.
Visit: www2.montana.edu/shakespeare/

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Hobsonite Directory
Gerri Campbell
9503 MT Hwy 239 • Hobson, MT 59452
406/ 538-7988 • gerri@ballyhooprinting.com

This will be a fun book to let us know where everybody’s at and what they’ve been up to. To get the most folks in the book as possible, this will be published and distributed following the reunion. Books will be $10 (this includes shipping) and may be ordered with registration or at the reunion. Your contribution to the book may be e-mailed to Gerri or filled out at the reunion. Include name, graduation year and/or years lived in Hobson, address, phone, e-mail, and up-date including spouse, children, grandchildren, what you’ve been up to — schooling, career, places lived, traveling, accomplishments, where life has taken you — whatever you want to share! We reserve the right to edit for space (help us out here, about 200 words max would be great). 
Deadline for submissions is July 6.

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Valerie Carr
406/ 423-5700 • valerie@stevensonbasin.com

There will be folks offering  a variety of food, beverages, ice cream, etc. on Friday and Saturday.  If individuals, businesses or organizations are interested, please see letter and application here, or contact Valerie.

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Alumni Basketball Tournament
Jake Stevenson
406/ 423-5265 • stevensonjake@hotmail.com

Still got it? Bring your shoes and show your stuff at the Alumni Basketball Tournament. Teams will be co-ed, all ages are welcome, including current high school students. Meet at the Elk Ridge on Thursday evening at 7:00 for the “draft” where players will be divided into teams and the bracketing set-up. If you are unable to be there Thursday night, contact Jake to be put in the hat. Play will begin at 1:00 on Friday.

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Art Show  
Sarah Ozment
406/ 423-5672 • sarahoz@mtintouch.net

Local Artists as well as those traveling "home" are invited to display their artwork at the School.  The venue will be attended, offering a safe place for showing off your fine talents.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Sarah.  We will also have the collection of Hobson Annuals on display for your reminiscing, laughter and enjoyment.

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Tina Brawdy
406/ 423-5461 • trueto5@yahoo.com

The theme for the parade is Hobson - the past 100 years. Parade registration will be open until 10:00 am on Friday when participants need to line up at the school. Anyone interested in participating is welcome to contact Tina.  Entries of all shapes, sizes and creativity are encouraged - family floats, cars, trucks, tractors, horses, classes, pet and doll, bikes . . .

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Craft Show
Traci Mikkelsen
6668 MT Hwy 239 • Hobson, MT 59452
406/ 423-5366 • 7hotrod@mtintouch.net

Share your wares!  We are searching first for locals and/or people coming to the reunion.  We're wanting to fill 15 booths, $20 fee, set-up 9:00 am on Friday, July 4, open 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.  Contact Traci for more information or to register.

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Pasture Golf
Clint Carr
406/ 423-5668 • valerie@stevensonbasin.com

“It’s not just for rednecks anymore”   Join us for a very casual, and exciting 9 holes of pasture golf, July 4th.  A small entry fee will be charged to cover expenses and prizes will be awarded in several categories.   Fun for the entire family!

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Street Dance
John Campbell
406/ 423-5629 • ballyhoo@ballyhooprinting.com

What would a celebration be without music and dancing?!?!  Our own Bent Willows will make the noise, you provide the added fun!  The band, based in Hobson, will provide you with country and classic rock music spanning the decades.  It is their genuine love of music and entertaining that results in a great dance band that plays to the crowd du jour.  They play from the hip, live and unscripted with their humor and menagerie of music offering mass appeal.  They are truly an entertaining treat for listening and dancing into the night . . . Vist their webpage.

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Fun Run/Walk
Linda Deegan
406/ 423-5347 • lhdeegan@yahoo.com

No registration or entry fee required, just be at the school parking lot for the 9:30 start.  The first 50 people who show up to participate will receive t-shirts compliments of Hobson Insurance.  There will be a 5K and one mile course with water stops along the way.  We will keep time for those who want us to do so.  All ages are welcome!

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Soap Box Derby
Hobson Endowment/Foundation - Bill Hesselbart
406/ 423-5369 • bs4cent@yahoo.com

Soap Box Derby Alert! The Hobson Endowment Board has modified the rules to allow immediate family members to compete with the same car.  In addition - do not be concerned with the weight of the car.

On your mark, get set, go!!  The Soap Box Derby (SBD), sponsored by the Hobson Endowment Foundation, will be held on Saturday at 11:00 am.  This will be a fun event for participants and spectators.  The goals of the SBD program are to teach youngsters some basic skills of workmanship, the spirit of competition, and the perseverance to continue a project once it has begun.

Our Derby will not be an officially sanctioned All-American SBD but many of their guidelines and regulations will be used.  Officially sanctioned car kits and racing wheels sold by the All-American SBD will NOT be allowed in order to keep the race fair and equitable for all participants.  This is a build-your-own style of gravity powered car to enter in a race of your peers.  Participants are encouraged to display their soap box in the parade on July 4.

There are three divisions:  Division I - ages 8-12, Division II - ages 13-16, Division III - 17 and up.  Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each division.

Pre-registration is required by all entrants, due June 13, 2008.  Click here for complete registration and rules governing the Centennial SBD.  Questions?  Contact Bill Hesselbart.

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Golf Tournament
Ted & Nealy (Jones) Campbell
406/ 423-5246 • nealycampbell@hotmail.com

Golfing with friends on the Fourth of July weekend - what could be better!  Get in on the four person/nine hole scramble on Saturday, July 5th at 10:00 am, Judith Shadows Golf Course in Lewistown.  Teams will be announced at the start of the tournament, please include your handicap or best 18 hole score on the registration form.  Number of players is limited, first come first served based on reunion registration forms.  The $35 per person fee is payable with registration and includes 9 holes, cart, hole prizes and BBQ.  You may register for the golf tournament at the Centennial registration table through 5:00 Friday.  Click here for registration form.

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Variety Show
Bill & Sandy Hesselbart
406/ 423-5369 • bs4cent@yahoo.com

You won't want to miss this exciting entertainment on Saturday beginning at 5:00 pm in the new gym with John Campbell as your Master of Ceremony.  The Fashion Show will be a walk down memory lane, including a 100 year old wedding gown and several fashions from each decade.  Jean Trammell is chairperson for this event, assisted by Marilyn Deichmann.  Jean is very excited about the fashions she has discovered.  The Variety Show will begin with everyone singing the School Song and getting in the spirit.  We have several "acts" already signed up and would love to have you share your talent or idea to entertain people.  Skits, comedy, singing, dancing, reading or just about anything you would want to show - let us know! 
Entry Deadline is June 15.

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Boots, Brews & BBQs
Friends of the Hobson Library/Museum
Marian Stevenson
406/423-5603 • marian@stevensonbasin.com

Here’s your chance to support and celebrate our new museum! All proceeds from the Boots, Brews and BBQ event will benefit the Museum remodeling project and future display development.

The second annual Boots, Brews and BBQ will be a gala event under the Big Tent on the grounds of the Library/Museum complex. You will be treated to an amazing evening featuring gourmet food on a stick (including Teriyaki Marinated Beef Kabobs, Tequila Lime Shrimp Kabobs and Chicken Satay), beer and wine tasting, and fun-filled events sure to make your Reunion a memorable experience.

To commemorate the Women’s Nail Driving Contest from Hobson’s Fourth Anniversary Celebration in 1912, we are having a Nailcutta featuring 5 teams of women “nail pounders.” Each team will consist of one of the board members from the Friends of the Hobson Library/Museum and four additional women chosen from those attending the event. There will be a calcutta of the Nail Driving Teams, throwing us into an unforgettable and exciting race.

Boots, Brews and BBQ is honored to have been selected to auction the #1 Hobson Centennial Commemorative plate from the numbered, limited edition of 300 such plates. This #1 plate has been donated by Roger and Nancy (Cecrle) Epkes to be placed on permanent display in the Museum along with a plaque honoring the highest bidder.

You will have the unique opportunity to own a beautiful and cherished piece of Hobson history. Wonderful, magically creative pieces of art produced on local historical media such as the tin ceiling tiles and bricks from the old Clyde Gore Garage, wood from the museum building renovation and old wood frame windows will be included in the auction. Any other donated artwork or hand made item would also be welcome. If you are interested in participating as an artist, please contact Marian.

If dinner, the Nailcutta and auction aren’t enough, this extravaganza will feature entertainment entitled Larry Denton—Uncorked, and Donald Derks—Unleashed. Sure to be a hit among all attendees! And while we’re “un-done,” The Bent Willows will carry on “un-plugged.”

Boots, Brews and BBQ will be an exciting and entertaining venue for you to connect with old friends, make new friends, enjoy delicious food, and provide the opportunity to sample a large selection of excellent wines and fine beer, while enjoying marvelous music throughout the evening — all to give our new museum a kick start!

The cost for this premium event is $25 for singles and $40 per couple.  Please register using the registration form. Pre-registration is appreciated.

The Friends of the Hobson Library look forward to playing a significant role in Hobson’s 100th birthday celebration.  Visit their websites to see all the progress and work done in creating the new Hobson Library and the Hobson Historical Museum. www.hobsonmuseum.org  and www.hobsonlibrary.org

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Celebration Sunday Ecumenical Worship Service, Wrap-up and Farewell
Pastor GW Bill Warren
PO Box 195, Hobson, MT 59452-1095
406/ 423-5597 • (800) 484-9513, code 2479

Our Sunday service and event wrap-up will be held in the new gym at 9:30 am.  We want and need you as a part of this gathering:

Musicians:  Bring your instrument to the reunion, and let the Worship Planning Committee know ASAP that you will participate Sunday morning.  We will get you music for combined numbers.

Vocalist Musicians - We will have a Centennial Choir singing at the Sunday morning event.  If you will sing with us, let us know so we can get music to you ahead of time.  There will be rehearsals scheduled on Friday and Saturday to prepare for Sunday.

We would like a Hobson High Graduate to deliver the reflection during the Sunday morning service, and others to read scripture, or other parts of the worship service.

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