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What’s happening in
the Judith Basin??
Join us in celebrating cancer survivors,
honoring all those touched by cancer
and putting a smile
on the face of a
devastating disease
while supporting Relay
For Life and Hospice
of Central Montana.

Hobson History Book

"Welcome to Hobson
Pride of the Judith"
Hobson History Book,
published in 2002, will be available at the reunion.

About Our Centennial Logo
created by Kari (McIntyre) Kaiser, Strange Sister Creative
2923 Montana Ave.
Billings, MT 59101
(406) 698-1260

"I was going for something fun but classy, and something that indicated the landscape/area, but didn’t get too cutesy or complicated with details. After leaving Hobson, when trying to explain to folks where I grew up, I often get “oh yeah, I think I’ve seen the sign, there where you go around that long corner ... at the bend in the road.”  That or “Eddie’s Corner”. So anyway, I thought the long sweeping curve in the road was something all of us past and present Hobsonites could relate to. Also, if you look REALLY closely, you can see Sophie, our old sheepdog - God rest her friendly, yet smelly soul - chasing cars on the school hill. Okay, so I’m kidding there. That level of detail is sure to be lost ...”    Kari