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What’s happening in
the Judith Basin??
Join us in celebrating cancer survivors,
honoring all those touched by cancer
and putting a smile
on the face of a
devastating disease
while supporting Relay
For Life and Hospice
of Central Montana.

Hobson History Book

"Welcome to Hobson
Pride of the Judith"
Hobson History Book,
published in 2002, will be available at the reunion.

Bill & Sandy (Joslin) Hesselbart ~ 406/423-5369

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Hobson Centennial Cookbook
Liesl Holtz • 406 423-5700
The goal of putting together a “Hobson Centennial Cookbook” was to create an interactive culinary adventure; a book that contains useful, usable, delicious recipes while also providing a bit of history and entertainment throughout its pages. Thanks to community submissions and the art of Loni Carr, that goal has been achieved! Get your copy of this wonderful 210 page cookbook for $15."

Collectible Hobson Centennial Plates
Roger and Nancy (Cecrle) Epkes • 406/ 423-5232

Roger and Nancy (Cecrle, HHS 1979) Epkes from Nancy’s Country Market, a.k.a. Hobson Cash Store, would like to commemorate Hobson’s 100th Anniversary with a unique, limited edition Centennial Plate.

These plates have the personal touch of Mike (HHS 1977) and Nancy Woods of Woods Metal Art who helped to design some of the artwork on the front of the plate.

The Centennial Logo, designed by Kari McIntyre Kaiser (HHS 1995), is also featured.

The poem on the back of the plates, “Hobson, Montana,” was written by Kathy (Cecrle) Vischer (HHS 1978) to commemorate the occasion, the town and the people.

Only 300 plates are available, they will be numbered and are offered on a first come first choice basis. The plates will sell for $35. You may pre-order your plates on the enclosed registration form; your plate will be waiting for you at the registration table. The Centennial plates will also be available at Nancy’s Country Market during the Centennial Celebration while supplies last.

If you would prefer to purchase a particular number, i.e., graduation year, you may contact Roger & Nancy Epkes (see above).

Profits from the sale of these plates will be donated to various community projects, one of these projects being the Hobson Museum. Plate #1 will be donated to the Museum for permanent display to be auctioned off at Boots, Brews and Barbecue. The successful bidder will be honored with a plaque displayed with the plate in the museum.



A century carved a friendly town
Stately Twin Sisters form her crown,
Treasures in the hills, you’ll find
Through farms and ranches, the Judith winds.

Named for S.S. Hobson, a rancher too
The Great Northern Railroad made her debut.
In 1908 the train arrived
Shopkeepers, farmers & cowboys thrived.

Picnics & fishing on Ackley afternoons,
Big game hunting under the harvest moon.
Charlie Russell sojourned in days of old
Now Hobson Tigers - go for the gold.

It’s not really the town we’ve come to boast
But to worthy friends we raise our toast.

- Kathy (Cecrle) Vischer, HHS 1978