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What’s happening in
the Judith Basin??
Join us in celebrating cancer survivors,
honoring all those touched by cancer
and putting a smile
on the face of a
devastating disease
while supporting Relay
For Life and Hospice
of Central Montana.

Hobson History Book

"Welcome to Hobson
Pride of the Judith"
Hobson History Book,
published in 2002, will be available at the reunion.

This is the list of families that have registered as of June 29. If you or someone you know has not yet registered, it’s not too late!

Please also be aware that our mail plane crashed on May 23. We have received some water damaged, even partially burnt pieces from the post office, but it's quite likely that there were more that were not recovered. If your name is not here and you sent it about that time, please contact us.

The registration for the event will provide funding for the tents, tables, chairs, porta-potties, dumpsters, mailings, a photographer for the event, street dance and band, Variety Show, a spectacular fireworks display, free swimming at the pool during the Celebration, pasture golf, an alumni Basketball tournament, registration bags, name tags and more! Your support of the Celebration is greatly appreciated!

Aamold, Basil
Aamold, Christy
Aamold, Marshall
Aamold, Michelle
Aamold, Sid
Acosta, German
Adams, Richard
Anderson, Cody
Anderson, Kaycee
Arensmeyer, Tawny
Asbjornson, Mike
Asbjornson, Susan
Auck, Shawn
Aune, Suzanne
Barr, Dick
Barr, Glenn
Barrick, Darrell
Baumann, Kim
Bennett, Joel
Bennett, Skye
Bergstrom, Sherri
Biehl, Sharon
Blair, Frank
Bruchez, John
Bruchez, Rosalie
Burgess, Bryan
Campbell, John
Campbell, Myron
Campbell, Ted
Carr, Kyle
Carr, Nate
Carr, Valerie
Cecrle, Dale
Christensen, John
Clary, Marcia
Crail, Ronald
Cohn, Colleen
Cummings, Sandra
Cutler, Connie
Dahlhausen, Clint
Dahlhausen, Corina
Deegan, Brendan
Deegan, Eric
Deichmann, Dan
Denton, Larry
Derks, Cynthia
Derks, Don
Derks, Keith
Derks, Roger
Dirkson, Jerry
Dirkson, Joe
Dirkson, Ken
Dirkson, Sylvia
Dirkson, Ted
Donisthorpe, Vickie
Dover, Art
Dover, David
Dover, Ramona
Dubbs, Art
Dunlap, Marvin
Durfey, Gary
Ecker, Pete
Edwards, Louise
Epkes, Nancy
Ethridge, Nick
Evans, Lori
Flanagan, Bill
Fleming, Renee
Flesch, Cindy
Flugge, David
Frank, Marianne
French, Kelly
Fulbright, Mary Sue
Gardner, Duane
Gaub, Sonda
Gibbs, Leland
Gilkerson, Marc
Gill, Daryl
Gillis, Melissa
Goodman, Brandi
Gordon, Roxanne
Gore, Gary
Gore, Larry
Grove, Earl
Grove, Greg
Grove, Steve
Hajenga, Don
Hamilton, Sharon
Hammontree, Jenni
Harris, Judi
Hertz, Mark
Hesselbart, Bill
Hicks, Sheila
Hill, Mary Nan
Hitch, Pat
Hitch, Peter
Hitch, Stephen
Hitch, Susan
Hockhalter, Mike
Hodge, Pat
Holtz, Liesl
Jellison, Morris
Jennings, Alice
Johnson, Anne
Kaiser, Kari
Kebschull, Betty
Kelly, Rose Mary
Killham, Clay
Killham, Curt
Kipf, Vicki
Knoedler, Lenny
Kochivar, Shaun
Korell, Jake
Korpela, Carol
Krajacich, Linda
Krick, Colleen
Kriskovich, Misty
Kruckenberg, Colette
Kynett, Wade
Larsen, Nancy
Larson, Margaret
Linhart, Rodney
Linhart, Russ
Longfellow, Dale
Loose, Jason
Lovely, Valerie
Madsen, Bill

Madsen, Les
Majerus, Linda
Mann, Janet
Martin, Hazel
Mathiason, Linda
Matlosz, Paulette
Mattix, Patricia
McCullough, Ken
McCullough, Nola Jean
McFate, Keri
McGuire, Vera Mae
McIntyre, Rick
McLendon, Mat
McNees, Irene
Metcalfe, Terry
Mikkelsen, Jim
Mikkelson, William
Mikkola, Kellie
Miller, Bill
Miller, Patti
Morrison, Jim
Murray, Diedra
Murray, Joe
Nelson, Heather
Nesing, Ole
Newton, Debbie
Nicholson, Antoinette
Noel, Robert
Olson, Joel
Orazem, Vicki
Otis, Maxine
Parker, Cathy
Peevey, Ron
Perrine, Wallace
Peterson, Harvey
Pospisil, Sonja
Rader, Chuck
Reedy, Rodney
Reimers, Richard
Rogers, Kolleen
Rogers, Mark
Rosman, Ken
Rowland, Joanne
Roy, Susie
Rung, Opal
Sammons, Ramon
Schindler, Kathryn
Schwend, Betty
Senef, Gary
Senef, Sherilyn
Shirley, Shannon
Shupe, Dale
Simon, Byllee
Sonnenberg, Kerrie
Spika, Tom
Spratt, Bill
Stevenson, Darrell
Stevenson, Doug
Stevenson, Jay
Stevenson, Jean
Stevenson, Jed
Stevenson, Marian
Stevenson, Rick
Stinar, Betty
Stordahl, Kathleen
Stout, Pam
Swanson, Donna Dee
Swanz, Jim
Swanz, Tom
Synkelma, Karla
Taurman, Don
Taurman, Melvin
Taurman, Wayne
Taurman, William
Taylor, Bernard
Thomas, Bill
Thomas, Chuck
Thomas, Dave
Thompson, Jerry
Tilleman, Sam
Todahl, Teddie
Todd, Alice
Traband, Betty
Tudor, Dan
Turner, Candy
Turner, Jim
Turner, Ken
Valentine, Bryson
Valentine, Gayle
Valentine, Ross
Van De Riet, Mona
Vincent, Kim
VonBergen, Eric
Voth, Bill
Voth, Randy
Wade, Don
Waite, Bob
Wales, Barb
Walker, Jean
Walker, John
Ward, Don
Ward, JoAnne
Warren, Bill
Watson, Robert
Wauer, Sherren
Wetzel, Sonny
Whiffen, Rusty
White, Albert
White, Charmaine
White, Claude
Whitney, Rena
Whitney, Seth
Wichman, Janet
Wichman, Katie
Wilber, Edwin
Willey, Jill
Williams, Dirk
Williams, Eric
Williams, Gary
Williams, Howard
Williams, Marc
Wilmont, Rick
Winn, Raymond
Woods, Jr., John
Woods, Sr., John
Woods, Mike
Wright, Elinne
Zins, Diana